Planning a newborn baby photoshoot can be tricky – especially for new parents

Becoming a new mum or dad is not easy. As any parent will tell you, even the experienced ones, it’s the hardest job in the world! But the last thing crossing your mind is booking a newborn baby photoshoot right now.

Worry, fatigue, and ‘mummy brain’, combined with excitement, wonder and hormones! It’s a confusing combination.



You want to document this moment in time: the tiny fingers and toes, the little smiles (which, let’s face it, at this age is probably gas!), the tufts of wispy hair. But you don’t want the added stress of trying to take beautiful baby portraits on top of everything else. So what’s the solution?


Take the stress out of booking a baby photographer


Well, that’s where I come in. As a newborn photographer, I’m here to make your life easier. I’m here to help you cherish your little one in the calmest way possible with my Frankfurt baby photography sessions.

So how do you prepare for a newborn baby shoot? I always send out prospective parents instructions prior to a shoot, but here is a little breakdown of how best to prepare for your newborn baby photoshoot.

1. When is the best time for a newborn baby photoshoot?



It’s best to organise a newborn baby photoshoot to take place 2-3 weeks after birth. Baby is still at that teeny, tiny stage that everyone loves. They’re not like that for long, so it’s super important to capture images of this special time.

Plan in advance. I always encourage parents to book a shoot date before baby arrives – usually a couple of months before the due date. Once baby has arrived, things often get forgotten in the marvellous chaos.

Of course, dates may change – they invariably do. It all depends on whether baby is on time or not!

It also depends on whether there were complications during birth. Don’t worry if there were, as a baby photographer I understand and I’ve seen it all – I am totally flexible when it comes to amending dates if necessary.

But don’t fret if you are a bit late to book during the early stages of your baby’s life, it’s easily done! I’ve welcomed one-month-olds, 6-month-olds and upwards in front of my camera. I love to capture all stages in your baby’s development.


2. Where does a newborn baby shoot take place?



I come to your home – this ensures maximum comfort for both you and your baby.

Together, we’ll choose a warm room in your home that has plenty of natural light. Good infant photography relies on comfort and safety for both the mother and baby.

I like to use the bed in the master bedroom whenever possible – that way we can use plenty of pillows to cushion baby and ensure their safety.

Being at home gives mum the flexibility to feed (herself or the baby) if she needs to, and it means everything she needs is on hand and nearby. This is especially helpful if surgery was needed during birth and mum’s movement is limited.


3. What should I bring to a newborn baby photoshoot?



Yourself (obviously) and your baby – please don’t forget them, they’re the most important thing! Another advantage I find of shooting at home is that everything is within easy reach and less likely to be forgotten!

Blankets are always useful and I have a range of colourful cloths to wrap baby in which really enhance infant photos. It’s nice to include other props too. In fact, the more the merrier! This is the beauty of baby photography – you can include keepsakes to look back fondly on in years to come.

So what could you include? Well, popular choices are teddy bears, wooden letters, monogrammed blankets or towels, funny outfits, something with the date baby was born on, or even family heirlooms that have been passed down. Let your imagination run wild!


5. Is it okay if my baby sleeps during a newborn baby shoot?


Oh yes! In fact, I encourage it! A sleeping baby equals fabulous baby portraits.

I always recommend that mum feeds baby shortly before my arrival. This hopefully means baby is sound asleep when I arrive. That way I can capture some gorgeous sleeping baby portraits as my first shots.

Baby’s love gentle background noise, or ‘white’ noise – it simulates the sounds they heard in the womb. So I also have a secret weapon – a white noise app on my smartphone. That should help them drift off into peaceful slumber in no time. I think you’ll agree, there is nothing sweeter than a snoozing babe.


5. What if my baby won’t settle or sleep during our newborn baby photoshoot?



Again, no problem! If your little one wants to stay awake, great! Sometimes it can take a few hours for them to settle, so don’t worry.

We’ll still be able to get some lovely shots of them looking alert, playing and hanging out with teddy and you. I’m very patient, felixible and I realise we work to baby’s timetable.

I’m more than happy to wait as long as it takes to get beautiful sleeping and awake shots that you’ll treasure. After all, they’re only newborns once!



So if you’d like to know more about my Frankfurt baby photography or to book a newborn baby photoshoot, drop me a line here. Don’t forget to check out my baby portfolio here, and more of my work on Instagram here.

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I can’t wait to meet you and your bundle of joy!

Clare x