Have you ever wondered how to capture fun dog pictures?

Everyone loves a cute canine, right? And wouldn’t you love to take some fun dog pictures of yours?

But it’s not always so easy to photograph your dog and play with it at the same time. After all, how can you take a picture and throw a ball simultaneously?


Secret to fun dog pictures success

So what’s my secret to capturing fun dog pictures? Well, patience is a big one. But for the rest, well, you’ll just have to keep reading…

1. Bring a friend/family to help out



Don’t tell anyone, but I always have a bit of help – usually the dog’s owner. Don’t try to do everything on your own.

If you have a friend or family member who can help you out/carry things//keep your dog’s attention, it will make taking fun dog photos much easier and far more enjoyable. After all, we only have two hands.

A friend can throw balls, call your dog back, grab their attention, give your dog a high five and keep hold of the treats. Two heads are definitely better than one – and double the fun! Plus, they might have fun dog picture ideas that did not occur to you.


2. Location, location, location



As a Frankfurt dog photographer, I know all the great locations. It’s usually best if you stick to somewhere the dog already knows or is familiar with; like a spot or park on their favourite walk. That way, they will be relaxed, happy and you’ll get far more cooperation.

Good, natural light is essential – always make sure there is plenty of it available wherever you want to take your dog photography.

And always make sure surroundings are safe for the dog. That means no distractions, busy roads, building sites, electricity pylons, or cows/horses in fields nearby.



I also like to look at what I can utilise in my surroundings – fences, gates, tree trunks or doorways make great backdrops or frames. Even your assistant’s legs can work as a frame! Try to keep backgrounds as simple and uncluttered as possible, so that the viewer’s focus is always the dog.





I usually take photos at the same eye level as the dog. This produces more emotive imagery and establishes a lovely connection with your canine companion.

Always focus on the dog’s eyes if its face is in the shot. That is the most important thing. If the eyes are not in focus, you may as well go home. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but not many.


As a Frankfurt photographer, I also always try to take a variety of different shots on a dog photoshoot: some full body, some just head and shoulders. Play around see what works best with your surroundings – if the location is not great, you might not want to show it so much.


4. Tempt with treats



Who said bribery is a bad thing? Nonsense! Sometimes a bit of a tasty treat can be the difference between a great dog photo and a not-so-great one.

Bring plenty with you. Dangle the promise of a treat if the dog: stays in one position, looks at the camera, looks off to the side or tilts its head. You’ll often see their tongue as well, in anticipation of the tasty morsels to come. This makes images even cuter.



I like to encourage dogs to do tricks if they know any, like giving you their paw, spinning or giving your assistant a high five.

Sometimes just the mention of the word ‘treat’ is enough to get their attention and a cheeky head tilt, but I only reward them AFTER I’ve got the shot I want, never before.


5. Play with props



Who doesn’t love a dog in a hat? Let’s face it, people lap it up and if your pooch has a favourite item of clothing – use it!

Hats, scarves, colourful bowties, bandanas, jumpers, coats, silly outfits, sunglasses – the sky is the limit! The emphasis is on fun to get those fun dog pictures, so go wild!

Be wary though – know your dog, not every dog likes to be dressed up! As a professional dog photographer, I NEVER force any dog to do something they don’t want to do. If they’ve had enough, it’s time to call it a day.



And don’t forget toys. Every dog loves a toy, whether that’s a ball or a stuffed animal.

Get them to play in front of you, have a tug of war with your assistant, or chase a ball. The addition of these elements will definitely add up to fun dog pictures.

As a Frankfurt dog photographer, I love to get dogs to chase balls – it makes for great action shots, and tires them out at the end of a shoot. Owners are always happy about that!



Ready and raring to take fun dog pictures


So now you know some top tips to creating fun dog pictures, it’s time to get outdoors and put them into practice.

Like the images I’ve shown you today? I run fun-filled pet photography sessions in Bad Homburg and Frankfurt.

I allow pet owners to take a break from their hectic lives and re-connect with their canine companions. Belly rubs and tail wags are guaranteed! You have the fun while I do the work.

You’ll walk away with the best photos you’ve ever seen of your fluffy family. Take a look at some of my work here. Why not get in touch today to book your shoot – I can’t wait to meet you and your dog!

Clare x