Frankfurt dog photography – 5 reasons to hire a pet photographer

Dogs are wonderful aren’t they? They’re your loyal companions and they’re part of your family. Many people hire photographers to take photos of their children, but they don’t think about hiring a professional pet photographer to take images of their beloved canine companions.

You probably have plenty of photos of your dog on your smartphone. So why would you need to hire a pro? Well, take a look at your blurry shots: it’s not that easy to get great images is it?

So join me, as I show you why hiring a pro in pet photography is worth the investment.

1. Dogs grow up very quickly

Puppies are cute but that stage in a dog’s development is short-lived.

Yes, I know you’d love them to stay cute puppies forever, but it doesn’t work like that (plus a lack of toilet training is perhaps not something you’d want on a permanent basis!).

Dogs become adults at around the 10-12 month mark, so it’s super important to document their puppy months. They grow so quickly – usually on a weekly basis!

A pet photographer can capture those early stages and give you something beautiful to look back on. I love seeing playing puppies through my camera lens – there’s something extra special about tiny, clumsy paws and big ears!

2. Dogs are part of your family

You wouldn’t hesitate to get professional photos of your kids, would you? So why not hire a pro to take photos of your dog too? In fact, why not combine the two (if you have both)?

For some, their canine companion is their child. They’re always an important part of your family, no matter how large that may be, and hiring a professional pet photographer is a way to cherish that.

I love to get owners involved in shoots too, if they want. It’s so important to record that beautiful bond between owner and canine. I encourage play between you which also ensures I get plenty of fun dog pictures during the shoot.


3. A pro pet photographer can get shots you’ll miss

As a professional dog photographer, I have spent years honing my craft. I know the best ways to compose and create perfect photos.

I know how to coax your dog out of its shell, so that your pooch’s unique personality shines through in every image. I know how dogs behave, so can anticipate those fleeting moments that happen in the blink of an eye. And I know how to capture those super quick action shots when your dog is chasing their favourite ball.

I’ll also get down and dirty in the mud, river, you name it: I’ll wade through it to get that perfect picture. That leaves you free to have fun with your canine companion, while I do the hard work. I encourage owners to play with their dogs on my shoots – you’ll have so much fun, you won’t realise I’m taking photos!


4. Life is short

Our time on this earth is short, but our dogs’ time is even shorter. They are not around forever, sadly, which is why I’m so passionate about getting beautiful images for the dog owners I work with.

Pictures are memories – memories of your fluffy friend, your loyal companion. There’s never a better time than now to capture their essence – something tangible to remember them by. As a professional pet photographer, I will take the best photos you’ve ever seen of your dog. Images you can cherish long after they’ve gone.


5. Artwork you’ll be proud to display

There are times when a smartphone photo just won’t cut it – especially if you want to print large. Professional pet photographers invest in top-of-the-line equipment that produce top quality images.

It’s so important to print images – you can’t flick through a USB sticks or hard drives in years to come. Plus technology changes to rapidly – digital files may become obsolete, meaning images are lost forever. But, not if you print them.

As a Frankfurt pet photographer I’m so pleased to be able to offer my clients beautiful, archival quality prints, canvases, folio boxes and bespoke albums as fabulous keepsakes from their shoot.

I’m a Frankfurt photographer who runs fun-filled pet photography sessions in Bad Homburg and the Frankfurt area. I allow pet owners to take a break from their hectic lives and re-connect with their canine companions. Belly rubs and tail wags are guaranteed! You have the fun while I do the work.

You’ll walk away with the best photos you’ve ever seen of your fluffy family. Take a look at some of my work here. Make sure you get in touch today to book your shoot – I can’t wait to meet you and your dog!

Clare x