Make the most of your family photoshoot by using these 5 great props

I love a good family photoshoot. There is nothing more exciting than witnessing families playing and having a good time together.

And that’s what I make a point of capturing on a family shoot – fun.


A fun family photoshoot


The emphasis is on fun family pictures. My family photography sessions aren’t staged or awkward, but completely natural.

I help busy parents press pause and re-connect with their loved ones. That means plenty of tickles, laughter and joy – which I’m ready to capture with my camera. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even realise I’m there.

So let’s take a look at just a few fabulous props I like to use to enhance a family photoshoot.


1. Quirky clothing and accessories



Dressing up is the ultimate fun past-time, especially for young kids. Do you remember the joy of dressing up in your parents’ clothes when you were small? Well I’m not saying you need to bring your own wardrobe, but this is an area where you can really go to town.



Quirky or silly is the name of the game – funny hats, scarves, hair accessories, jewellery, tutu skirts, ballet slippers, sunglasses and even fabric wands make for great family photos. Your child may have a favourite or special outfit they want to show off – great! Bring it along!



Even something simple, like a nice umbrella or cute Wellington boots – the sky is the limit! I like to let kids have fun and let their imaginations run wild. And if there are any puddles around, cute Wellies equal puddle-splashing joy!


2. Toys and alphabet letters



Every child has a favourite toy, be that a doll, a teddy bear or an action figure. Sometimes it’s a family heirloom that has been passed down through generations. Whatever it is, bring it with you.



A favourite toy can put a child at ease during a family photoshoot. I always encourage children to play with their toys – this often results in some great, natural family photos that parents can treasure forever.

Alphabet letters are also a lovely photoshoot prop to include within images of babies or young children. I’ve used alphabet block toys that young children play with, or little wooden letters. I like to spell out babies’ names, or you can simply place the initial of their first name in the shot to add a little flair to your family shoot.



On occasion, a camera has been used – I have been known to offer a few helpful tips! I’m always happy to encourage future photographers.



3. Flowers



Beautiful seasonal bloom crowns are a fabulous way to frame pretty young faces in family photos.

Good quality fake flowers can work just as well as real ones, and faux floral headbands are widely available for a fraction of the price of genuine flower crowns.

Most little girls love to wear floral headdresses or crowns – it makes them feel like princesses. And what better way to make a fun family shoot enjoyable for young girls? They’ll look back so fondly of their time having photos done, that they’ll love seeing their favourite image hanging on their wall.



Alternatively, if I don’t have a flower crown to hand, I simply grab a few pretty flower stems. Children love to smell freshly cut flowers and they enhance fine art portraits no end.




4. Glitter galore and bubbles



There’s always room for a bit of sparkle, right?

I love to pile glitter into tiny hands and get them to blow it at me as though they are blowing me a kiss. It makes for fun family photos and there’s the added bonus of sparkles on my camera afterwards.

And who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? They can be the source of many giggles and a fantastic chance for parents to take part in their children’s play.



I like to turn it into a game and see how many bubbles kids versus parents can blow in a minute. Think you’ll be able to beat your child? Think again!

If a traditional bubble pot and stick is not your thing, why not up your game and bring along a bubble gun or water pistol?! That would definitely be the recipe for some fun family pictures. I look forward to photographing that one day soon!


5. Books



Everyone loves a good story – kids and adults alike. And there is nothing more exciting than a parent or older sibling reading a storybook aloud to a young child.

It’s time to put on those silly voices, pull silly faces, and bring those favourite characters and stories to life.

I’ve no doubt there is a favourite fairytale or book in your house. Bring it along! Throw down some cushions, make yourselves comfortable and let the story begin…



As a Frankfurt family photographer, I can recommend so many great local outdoor locations for family photos. The city and the surrounding region of Hessen is full of picturesque backdrops. And I’m always open to new suggestions!

Take some time for you and re-connect with your children. Relax, have some fun and play a while. You’ll be glad you did!

Get in touch and we’ll find the perfect location for your outdoor family shoot. Take a look at some of my other work here. I can’t wait to hear from you.


Clare x