Is there anything cuter than a toddler playing among a pile of autumn leaves? Well this little one was definitely the cutest when she frolicked among them during our autumn family photoshoot.

Lots of fun and plenty of laughs were the name of the game during our session of family photos.

When Eve’s family contacted me to host an autumn family photoshoot, I jumped at the chance!

I think autumn has to be one of my favourite times of the year – and it makes the perfect outdoor family shoot backdrop.


Adorable autumn family photoshoot



It was a special time of year for little Eve – her second birthday was fast approaching, so what better excuse to celebrate?

Her mum and I put our heads together during her client consultation and brainstormed some ideas of what props they could include in their fun family pictures.



Client consultations are so important – I include them with every photoshoot I offer. It’s 20 to 30-minute call in which I get to know you and find out why you want a family photoshoot.

I hear about what you like and, more importantly, what you don’t like! I know that sounds strange, but if there’s a certain style of photography you are not keen on – I know to avoid that during our time together.

We also decide on locations and possible props you might like to bring along, such as your child’s favourite teddy or item of clothing.



I also outline my pandemic policy. It has been challenging to shoot during a pandemic, but I have strict protocols in place: I only offer outdoor family shoots at the moment, I always wear a mask, and am always a minimum 2-metre distance away from my subjects.


Family photoshoot props




A birthday balloon, a pumpkin and a few of Eve’s favourite fluffy friends made an appearance in their fun family pictures.



But I think the balloon was her favourite on this occasion – Eve loved it and quite happily toddled along autumnal paths, pulling it behind her.


Beautiful autumn backdrops


Bad Homburg’s beautiful Kurpark was the setting for Eve’s autumn family photoshoot.

There were luscious leaves of all colours everywhere: lovely reds, yellows and browns. The gorgeous reds matched Eve’s beautiful red hair.



So of course I just had to include them in our outdoor family shoot. And what better way to do that, then let Eve play in her very own pile of leaves?!



As you can see here, she loved watching the leaves float and cascade to the floor. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t?!


Fun family pictures


Once Eve had finished playing among the leaves, it was time for a piggyback ride with dad!

Fun and frolics are the name of the game during my family shoots. I always make sure plenty of games are played and lots of fun is had.



This ensures there are no awkward, staged or forced images – just lots of laughs and memories you’ll treasure forever.


That’s a wrap


As the morning went on, Eve became sleepy and it was time for them to head home for her nap. So we called it a wrap on our fab family shoot.

Thank you so much Eve’s parents for letting me photograph your beautiful family. It was such a joy to capture these special memories for you.



If you live in the Frankfurt area and would like me to take some gorgeous photos of your family, get in touch!

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I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Stay safe everyone.

Clare x