Gorgeous Arabella stuns in her beautiful baby portraits

I’m so honoured when new parents invite me into their homes to take baby portraits.

As a baby photographer, I’m so privileged to witness such a special time – everything is so new, and they are still getting used to this tiny addition to their family.

There is nothing sweeter than seeing the bond between an infant and its parents.

And that was certainly the case when baby Arabella’s parents asked me to visit. I could see the love in their eyes. It was easy to see why – at just 3 months old she was already a beauty!

At home baby photoshoot



My photoshoots usually happen outdoors, but when it comes to baby portraits, I prefer to visit new parents at their home.

It’s a much more comfortable and familiar environment for the baby and mother. Safety and comfort are paramount on my shoots. I always send advice to mums beforehand, to help them prepare baby for my arrival.

I like to spend more time on these photo sessions – there is never any rush. Mums and babies can take a break or feed if they need to.

My newborn sessions usually take place in the first few weeks after birth, so it’s important for mums to feel comfortable and relaxed during a shoot – especially if there have been complications during birth.

Being a new parent is stressful enough, and I don’t want to add to that stress.


Sleeping baby portraits


Arabella was as good as gold and no trouble at all. She slept for the first part of the session, which gave me a great opportunity to capture those all-important snoozing shots.

One of my recommendations to mums is that they feed baby before I arrive. That gives me the chance to get pictures of them asleep.

And it gave Arabella’s parents a bit of a break while she slept.


Baby photography details


There’s an old saying that the devil is in the detail. And that is so true when it comes to baby photography.

I love to capture all the tiny details about a precious new bundle of joy. So while Arabella slept, I documented her gorgeous little ears, lips, fingers and toes. She was such an angel.

I occasionally like to add a few props to a shoot too. This can be something with your baby’s name on it, something with the date they were born, or little wooden letters – like the ‘A’ we used during this session.


Yawns and family fun

She soon stirred, so then it was time for teddy to come out to play.

And Arabella regained her composure the entire time. She was inquisitive, calm and took it all in her stride. What a little superstar! I like to keep my shoots as natural as possible – I capture the yawns, the giggles and the sneaky little smiles.

We used her parents’ bed to rest her on, and made sure there were plenty of pillows and padding to keep her safe and secure while I took pictures.

I’m sure you’ll agree Arabella is a natural in front of the camera. Even when she yawns, she’s beautiful!


Proud parent portraits



Then it was mum and dad’s time to have some time with her. Why should I have all the fun?! We made sure we got some lovely shots of them all together.

I like to get parents involved in a family photoshoot, as it serves as a lovely memory everyone can look back on in years to come.

Involvement can stretch to being in the photos themselves, or simply holding a reflector for me. It’s entirely up to them.

As you can see here, Arabella clearly inherited her good looks from her parents. Thank you so much guys for letting me visit you and take photos of your beautiful family.


If you live in the Frankfurt area and would like me to take some gorgeous photos of the new addition to your family, get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

As a Frankfurt photographer, I’ll capture some of the most stunning images you’ve seen of your little one. Have a look at some of my other work here. I can’t wait to meet you and your baby.

Clare x