Hands up if you love fabulous father and son portraits and beautiful baby photography!

I know I do! My favourite type of family photoshoot is one where I get the whole family involved.

Let’s face it, who can resist images of doting dads and their little ones? Not me, that’s for sure!

Becoming a parent is so special and as a Frankfurt baby photographer, I’m so privileged to witness and document these times for parents.



Some children are a gift, and little Erik certainly was for his dad and mum. So when they asked if I could take some fun family pictures for them, how could I refuse?! 


Intimate infant photography


Although most of my family shoots take place outside, I always visit new parents in their own homes.

It’s a more familiar and comfortable environment for both baby and parents. Safety and comfort are of the highest importance. So much so, that I always send advice to mums beforehand, to help them prepare for my arrival.

Time is of the essence on a newborn baby shoot – in that taking time is a priority. There’s absolutely no rush. There’s plenty of time for mums to take a break if necessary, or nip off to feed their little one should they need to.



A newborn baby photoshoot usually takes place in the first few weeks after birth, so it’s important for mums to feel comfortable and relaxed during a shoot – especially if there have been complications during birth.

Being a new parent is stressful enough – I would never want to add to that stress. Erik was a month old when I was privileged to meet him.

And while mum takes a break, that’s the perfect time to get dad in front of the camera!


Beautiful blue-eyed baby boy



When I arrived, baby Erik was wide awake! And raring to go!

He was a natural and was totally nonplussed about having a camera in front of him. Just look at those beautiful big blue eyes!

He wriggled around in his cot, eager to see what all the fuss was about. While mum prepared, dad got him out and had a little play – and what a great time they had!



As you can see from this fabulous family photo, fun was the name of the game. But who wouldn’t have fun with Erik – just look at that gorgeous little face!


Fabulous family photos


Dads can be a bit camera-shy. But don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to take your shirt off like the famous Athena L’Enfant poster of the muscleman and his baby from the ‘80s!

I realise the average guy does not look like that.

I like to coax model out of them usually by asking them to hold a reflector, or a toy to get baby’s attention

But there was no worry on this occasion, Erik’s dad was eager to take part.

As a newborn photographer, I love to get both parents involved in baby photography if possible. This ensures they have fabulous memories to cherish from their family photoshoot.



But I wasn’t going to let dad have all the fun – oh no! Mum got to spend some alone time with her little one too.

We got some lovely portraits of just the two of them together – cuddling and savouring these precious moments.

You can tell Erik has such a unique bond with his parents, made all the more special because he was longed for and is cherished.



One of my recommendations is that mum feeds baby before I arrive. That gives me the chance to get pictures of baby asleep. But it’s okay if they need to feed during the shoot too – because that means a sleepy little sausage will snooze before the shoot is over…



Snoozing baby portraits


And you know what a snoozing baby means? Super cute sleeping baby photography, that’s what!

Erik settled down almost immediately after his bottle. That gave me plenty of time to capture those tiny details – fingers, toes, little lips. They grow up so quickly, it’s essential to document these features early on with the help of a professional baby photographer.

He slept so soundly, like, well, just like a baby! He was such a superstar and was no trouble whatsoever.



I used his parents’ bed as a base to secure him as he slept. I used plenty of pillows and padding to keep him safe and snug while I captured some classic sleeping baby portraits.



Baby photography props


And let’s not forget those all-important props.

I don’t include props all the time, but if there’s something that has sentimental value to the family, I like to incorporate it.



This can be an heirloom passed down through generations, something with your baby’s name on it, the date they were born, or little wooden letters, like the ‘E’ we used during Erik’s session.

Just look at the gorgeous homemade blanket a friend made with Erik’s initials on it – sheer craftsmanship!



And with such caring parents and friends, you can tell that Erik’s future is full of so much love and security.

Thank you so much guys for letting me visit you and take photos of your gorgeous family.



If you live in the Hessen area and would like to take part in some Frankfurt family photography, I’d love to hear from you here!

As a Hessen family photographer, I’ll capture some of the most stunning images you’ve seen of your baby. Have a look at some of my other work in my gallery here and on Instagram here. I can’t wait to meet you and your family.

Clare x