Candi charmed on her dog adoption photoshoot


As a pet photographer, one of my major passions is photographing dogs.

Nothing makes me happier than dishing out treats and giving lots of belly rubs to cute canine companions. 

And sometimes, as part of my Hessen pet photography, I’m lucky enough to be able to help out charity at the same time. Now that’s always a win/win situation in my book!


Why I love to photograph dogs


Dogs are such loving and trusting creatures. Dogs are playful: you can have fun with them and they don’t care what they look like or which side you shoot them from!

There’s no need to touch up their make-up in post-production (I’ll let you into a secret, they don’t wear any!), and they’re not bothered about what their hair looks like!

That doesn’t mean they are easy subjects to photograph – try to shoot one running towards you and you’ll see what I mean. But they are one of the most entertaining and fun.

They bring such joy. And this is why I love them.


A dog adoption photoshoot with a purpose



Dogs are loyal to the end and they trust us to look after them. But sadly, that’s not always what happens.

It really breaks my heart to see dogs abandoned and in need of a loving home. So always I jump at the chance of being able to help re-home any.

Dog charities work so hard trying to find the right forever homes for their rescues, and half of that battle is good photography.

And that’s where I come in – with my dog adoption photoshoot. This is how I give back just a little. And I’m so honoured to be able to do that.


How I help dogs shine



One of my missions is to take the best photos you’ve ever seen of your dog. But that has to be multiplied by ten when it comes to a dog adoption photoshoot. No pressure then!

They have to look appealing, so that their perfect someone will come along and give them their forever home.

So how do I do that? Well, they have to look good for a start:


  • I make sure they are well groomed and looking their most beautiful (or handsome, depending on the dog). No hair out of place, no soggy doggies. I always have a brush on standby if the dog has long hair, so I can make their locks look luscious;
  • It’s a bit easier with short-haired dogs, although if they have jowls, beware of slobber! It’s not an attractive look – on anyone! So I always have plenty of tissues or a microfibre cloth handy in case of any drooling;
  • I like to get to know the dog at the start of any dog adoption photoshoot. I always get down to the dog’s level and talk to them before I aim my lens in their direction;
  • Every dog is different, so it’s super important to give them the space they need. I never force a dog to do anything it doesn’t want to;
  • Regular breaks and water stops are also very important, especially in hot weather: it’s tiring being a cute canine model!
  • And at the risk of sounding like a school headmistress – no running until the end! This is because I don’t want to tire the pooch out at the start of the dog photoshoot. A tired dog sticks its tongue out – again, not that attractive. Plus it means I get great running shots at the end of the session.


And that way, the dog will sleep well after the shoot – carers/owners are usually quite grateful for that, as it gives them a break!


My work with dog rescue charity Perrera Dogs UK


When I still lived in the UK, I was lucky enough to team up with the dog rescue charity Perrera Dogs UK.

It is a registered, non-profit rescue run by volunteers across the country. Members work alongside rescuers based in Romania to re-home dogs in need.

And Candela was one of their fabulous rescues.

Isn’t she beautiful?! Candela, also known as Candi, is a gorgeous Podenco/Lab mix who was rescued from Spain at the tender age of two.

She then spent five long, lonely years in a shelter, before being rescued by Perrera Dogs UK and brought to England.



Candi’s UK foster carer quickly transformed her sadness into happiness, coaxing out the kind and gentle nature that makes her so special. Just look at that smile!

I wanted Candi’s professional dog photos to stand out so we created some fun dog pics to showcase her beautiful personality.


Fun dog pictures



Candi was a little nervous to start with, but she soon settled down and had a whale of a time!

It was autumn, so I chose some stunning local woodland as the seasonal setting for her professional dog photos.

She has a gorgeous ginger coat, so I thought the autumnal leafy backgrounds would complement her well. And thankfully it did. The deep orange hues and luscious leaves were the perfect backdrop for her.


The perfect poser



Candi had a great time proudly posing among the leaves. She looked positively regal.

By the end of the shoot, she was chasing a ball, sitting on park benches and smiling her wonderful little heart out. She was such a joy to photograph.



And I’m so glad to report that Candi found her forever home. She now lives happily with her new family and a new name in Ayrshire, Scotland.


How you can help


The search may have ended for Candi, but Perrerra Dogs UK have many more dogs that need permanent homes.

They always welcome donations, prospective adoptive parents and foster parents for their rescue dogs.

And this is where you come in. If you’re based in the UK, please follow them on Facebook or visit their website. There you’ll find more details about how you can adopt or become a dog foster carer.

Perrera Dogs UK are committed to SNR (Spay Neuter Release), which they believe is the only way to make a long-term impact on the street dog problem in Eastern Europe.

Please share the link to this blog as much as you can.  Let’s get every dog a loving new home. Thank you.




How I can help your dog rescue charity


I re-located to Frankfurt, Germany, in 2019 and would love to reach out and help dog charities in this part of the world too.

If you’re a Frankfurt dog rescue charity, you need good images to post online and on social media.

Great images could mean the difference between finding that dog’s perfect home or not. Photos have to be good, they have to be eye-catching and they have to be appealing to prospective adopters.

I can nail those shots for you. As a Frankfurt dog photographer, I’d love the opportunity to work with local animal shelters or adoption agencies and help local dogs find their forever homes.



I’m a Hessen pet photographer, so if you’re an animal shelter or dog rescue agency in the Frankfurt area that would like a dog adoption photoshoot, drop me a line here. I can’t wait to work with you!

Or if you’re a dog owner who’d love some gorgeous photos of your fluffy family, check out my online gallery. Send me a message to book your shoot. I’d really love to meet you and your dog.

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Clare x